Albano 17

Magnus Pörner and
Fredrik Pettersson (responsible)
Martin Kraft
David Barnard
Erika Persson
Aleksandra Mihajlovic
Agnes Göransson
David Lookofsky

Albano, Norra Djurgården

Svenska Bostäder

122 rental apartments +  3 retail spaces


The project was finalist 2020 for
Swedish Green Building Councils
Citylab price.

In Norra Djurgården in Albano, Vetenskapsstaden has been built which is a new University and college area containing institutional buildings, student and PhD student residences. The idea is to unite KTH with the University by creating a new vibrant campus with a mix of institutions and housing. On behalf of Svenska Bostäder, we designed most of the housing blocks.

Along the main public road, Albanovägen, block 17 is located. The block is part of the masterplan developed by A. Wolodarski where the existing train track through the area is covered by the Albano road at the top. The triangular block is unique in the area and is designed as a corridor house surrounding a small central courtyard.
The main entrance is located towards Albanovägen along which three commercial spaces are located. However, the largest has its longest side facing Roslagsbanan.

The block consists of five floors plus a retracted penthouse, except towards Albanovägen where the volume rises to six full floors. Most of the blocks consist of space-efficient units of 21m2 except for in the triangular blocks, where the apartments become larger. Its triangular shape separates the building from blocks 12, 14, 15 and 16, which together form a fan shape centred around the park, Albanovaterrassen.

The facades have a modest expression with a one floor exterior plinth which is clad with light brown terrazzo, the plinth is complimented by the light brown plastered façade on the upper floors. The inner courtyard has a completely different expression. It will serve as a communal area for the residents to meet, where the cream-white façade in combination with gold coloured railings will help to create a more intimate and homely atmosphere.