Pörner + Pettersson was founded in the summer of 2018 as a result of two sizeable design commissions. One residential block containing 140 apartments for Skanska in Täby Park and three residential blocks containing 450 student apartments for Svenska Bostäder in Albano.

Five years later, we have developed another two blocks for Skanska in Täby Park (187 + 156 apartments) and we completed the program phase for 137 apartments and retail spaces for Skandia Fastigheter in Solna. For Aros Bostad we are now developing a high rise project in central Sundbyberg containing 164 apartments in three towers of 12, 14 and 16 stories. The winning proposal in Årstafältet consisting of 187 apartments is now in its planning stages as well as another land allocation – received thanks to a previous competition in Barkabystaden containing 217 apartments are now for sale. For Resona we are now developing a block of 78 apartments in Järvastaden and 32 in Åre. Through early sketch proposals, we also received five direct land allocations comprising 440 apartments in southern Stockholm. We have developed  the retail concept of one of Sweden’s largest grocery stores and are now implementing it in stores. Prior projects include Mälaräng and Södra Värtan for HSB, the latter located in Stockholm’s most prestigious development area in terms of sustainability.

We aren’t satisfied by merely receiving design commissions. By continuously presenting proposals to current and prospective clients, we collectively build a future. Projects on varying scales have thus far involved (pre)schools, elderly care, commercial real estate and housing, frequently in larger urban contexts where we work directly with our contacts in various municipalities.

After 18 years as architects at Joliark and respectively Kjellander Sjöberg/AIX/Burkard Meyer, we – Magnus Pörner and Fredrik Pettersson – started a new office together. In addition to the role of responsible architect at Joliark, Magnus also acted as chairman of the board and CFO. Fredrik was the office manager alongside being the responsible architect at Kjellander Sjöberg.

We are a proactive architectural firm where ownership extends as we grow and in which all employees participate and share in its success financially. By focusing on clear ideas and thoughtful details throughout our creative process, we, together with our clients, create architectural values that will exceed what is expected and through an ecologically and socially sustainable way improve the urban environments we engage with. This is achieved by creating a beneficial surface efficiency and structure within our projects which generate effective financial conditions. We value the importance of maintaining a consistent and high level of work which we have been entrusted with, rather than becoming big.

  • Magnus Pörner
    Architect SAR/MSA
    Certified Environmental Building
  • Fredrik Pettersson
    Architect SAR/MSA