Rättar Vigs Väg

Magnus Pörner (responsible)
Malin Belfrage

Rättar Vigs Väg, Nälsta

HEBA Fastighets AB

6 rental apartments + storages


An old storefront remained empty for a long time. Its central location in Nälsta incited its conversion into housing, especially given the location’s close proximity to Vällingby where the nearest prominent centre is located. In order to maintain the character of the former storefront, the original window frames were replaced with equally sized, yet more energy efficient window frames. As the facade faces north, there was no risk of overheating.

Lush hedges separating the public walkway from the private patios also prevent views from the public into the building. Despite the significant repetition of the facade, the apartment sizes vary between a corner two-room apartment of 46m2, a one-sided studio of 36m2, three two-room apartments of 47m2 each and a three-room triple aspect apartment of 68m2.

The precarious atmosphere of the vacant properties has been replaced with the vibrant greenery and life of the new Nälsta residents. Sections of the original brick facade have been repaired using bricks recovered from the demolition. The colour of the window profiles matches the shade of the original bricks whereas the light grey metal sheet cladding also compliments the roof fascia. The apartments’ storage has been positioned behind the closed sections of the facade, since there was no other sufficient area on the existing plots.