Magnus Pörner and
Fredrik Pettersson (responsible)
Frida Engström

Slättgårdsv, Mälarhöjden


221 apartments + 6 retail

Public hearing / Plan process

The area around Bredäng’s interchange, which today forms the entrance to Bredäng and Mälarhöjden, will be developed into a vibrant and functional mixed urban district. It will help to bring the two socio-economically differing areas together and will serve as a meeting point between the two. Aspects that support such a development are the school located just east of HSB’s block and the Slättgårdspark to the north. The park is the unifying urban space in the new urban fabric and since the block faces the park, we suggest creating a high amount of commercial space facing the park.

In order to support a socially sustainable district, we propose that offices should also be housed there and perhaps located mainly in the eastern section towards the school, so that they can possibly enrich one another. In the southwest corner of the park, which functions as the entry point to the entire area, we suggest commercial functions.

The houses are built around a staircase module, which have been created in two similar variations which together with the souterrain in the southern facades provide every apartment size required. The houses are deep, over 13.5m, despite their depth however,  the standard module still consists of a two-room apartment of 36m2, a three-room apartment of 73m2 and a four-room apartment of 82m2, which is small in this context.

The facades have wooden frames near the balconies and entrances and storefronts on the ground floor, which create a warm atmosphere and provide details to the surroundings and sidewalks. Storefronts and stairwell entrances are located at various depths within the façade, creating small niches that you pass by. Significant emphasis is placed on designing the signage for commercial real estate, as well as the address numbers at entrances and the like. The plinth has deliberately been kept low, preventing an overly dominant presence as well as relating to the proportions of the highest gable in the east, which you encounter when coming down Slättgårdsvägen.