Magnus Pörner (responsible)
Lukas Petko
Charlotte Larsson

Tollare, Nacka

Tobin Properties

106 apartments

Parallell comission

The programme consisted of investigating buildings in the new construction area named Tollare, in Nacka. Since a detailed plan already existed it was important to investigate how the four defined volumes could best be utilized. Their great location by the water made us aim to connect all the apartments to the water. Providing nice views over the Lännersta and Skurus area from the apartments, patios and private terraces on the roofs were prioritized. We created the proposal that provided the most apartments, highest BOA and most surface-efficient apartments, but did not continue.

The undulating landscape allowed us to hide the parking garage in the southern terrain, with the exception of creating a smaller parking space at the top of the area. The two lower houses at the top have large glazed surfaces facing the water, while the two higher houses in the bottom have saw-toothed facades to the west. Partly to shield the balconies from each other but also to provide better views towards the waterfront. The facade proposals included pigmented white concrete, cast in a relief pattern.